Ivory Child

Allan Quatermain's first adventure with Lord Ragnall. (Introduction by laineyben)

21 chapters
Chapter 1: Allan Gives a Shooting Lesson
Chapter 2: Allan Makes a Bet
Chapter 3: Miss Holmes
Chapter 4: Harût and Marût
Chapter 5: The Plot
Chapter 6: The Bona Fide Gold Mine
Chapter 7: Lord Ragnall's Story
Chapter 8: The Start
Chapter 9: The Meeting in the Desert
Chapter 10: Charge!
Chapter 11: Allan is Captured
Chapter 12: The First Curse
Chapter 13: Jana
Chapter 14: The Chase
Chapter 15: The Dweller in the Cave
Chapter 16: Hans Steals the Keys
Chapter 17: The Sanctuary and the Oath
Chapter 18: The Embassy
Chapter 19: Allan Quatermain Misses
Chapter 20: Allan Weeps
Chapter 21: Homewards