David Copperfield

"David Copperfield" or "The Personal History, Adventures, Experience and Observation of David Copperfield the Younger of Blunderstone Rookery" was first published in 1850. Like all except five of his works, it originally appeared in serial form. Many elements within the novel follow events in Dickens' own life, and it is probably the most autobiographical of all of his novels. It is also Dickens' "favorite child." (Summary adapted from Wikipedia)

65 chapters
Preface by the Author
I Am Born
I Observe
I Have a Change
I Fall Into Disgrace
I Am Sent Away
I Enlarge My Circle of Acquaintance
My "First Half" at Salem House
My Holidays, Especially One Happy Afternoon
I Have a Memorable Birthday
I Become Neglected, and am Provided For
I Begin Life on my Own Account, and Do Not Like It
Liking Life on my Own Account No Better, I Form a Great Resolution
The Sequel of my Resolution
My Aunt Makes Up Her Mind About Me
I Make Another Beginning
I Am A New Boy in More Senses Than One
Somebody Turns Up
A Retrospect
I Look About Me and Make A Discovery
Steerforth's Home
Little Em'ly
Some Old Scenes, and Some New People
I Corroborate Mr. Dick and Choose a New Profession
My First Dissipation
Good and Bad Angels
I Fall Into Captivity
Tommy Traddles
Mr. Micawber's Gauntlet
I Visit Steerforth at his Home Again
A Loss
A Greater Loss
The Beginning of a Long Journey
My Aunt Astonishes Me
A Little Cold Water
A Dissolution of Partnership
Wickfield and Heep
The Wanderer
Dora's Aunts
Another Retrospect
Our Housekeeping
Mr. Dick Fulfills My Aunt's Prediction
I Am Involved in Mystery
Mr. Peggotty's Dream Comes True
The Beginning of a Longer Journey
I Assist at an Explosion
Another Retrospect
Mr. Micawber's Transactions
The New Wound, and the Old
The Emigrants
I Am Shown Two Interesting Penitents
A Light Shines On My Way
A Visitor
A Last Retrospect