Stella Fregelius

Following a shipwreck Stella is preparing to die but is unexpectedly rescued. A love triangle of an unusual sort develops where an inventor of the mobile phone, back in 1900, who is engaged, becomes involved with a woman who has a passionate mystical influence on him. The story explores the nature of death and how we should look forward to it as being a great step to a greater world. (Patrick79 )

25 chapters
Dedication and Note
Morris, Mary and the Aerophone
The Colonel And Some Reflections
"Poor Porson"
Mary Preaches and the Colonel Prevails
A Proposal and a Promise
The Good Old Days
The Sunk Rocks and the Singer
Mr Fregelius
Dawn and the Land
A Morning Service
Mr Layard's Wooing
Two Questions, and the Answer
The Return of the Colonel
Three Interviews
A Marriage and After
The Return of Mary
Two Explanations
Morris, the Married Man
Stella's Diary
The End of Stella's Diary
The Evil Gate
Stella Comes
Dreams and the Sleep