Gold of Fairnilee

A fairy story set in Scotland about Jean and Randal and what happens when Randal disappears into fairyland. This is Lang's second fairy tale after Princess Nobody - an enchanting story with occasional Scottish dialect. Randal Ker, son of a Scottish knight, has the rashness to wish at a wishing well that 'he might see the Fairy Queen' and is then is carried off by her to her own dominions and is kept there until a grown man. A true fairy tale. . - Summary by Phil Chenevert

13 chapters
I.—The Old House
II.—How Randal’s Father Came Home
III.—How Jean was brought to Fairnlee
IV—Randal and Jean.
V.—The Good Folk
VI.—The Wishing Well
VII.—Where is Randal?
VIII.—The Ill Years
IX.—The White Roses
X.—Out of fairyland
XI.—The Fairy Bottle
XII.—At the Catrail
XIII.—The Gold of Fairnilee.