Wanderer's Necklace

The Wanderer’s Necklace is classic Haggard, filled with adventure, intrigue, and steadfastness in the face of overwhelming obstacles. “The Editor" recalls his past life as Olaf, an 8th century Norseman. Olaf opens the ancient tomb of the Wanderer and discovers a sword and half a necklace on the warrior’s crumbling skeleton. Olaf must find the other half of the necklace, and the woman who wears it. Love, betrayal, a clash with Norse god Odin, and the attentions of toxic Byzantine Empress Irene test Olaf to his limits (Tom Penn)

21 chapters
Book 1 Chapter 1, The Betrothal of Olaf
Book 1 Chapter 2, The Slaying of the Bear
Book 1 Chapter 3, The Wanderer's Necklace
Book 1 Chapter 4, Iduna Wears the Necklace
Book 1 Chaapter 5, The Battle on the Sea
Book 1 Chapter 6, How Olaf Fought With Odin
Book 2 Chapter 1, Irene, Empress of the Earth
Book 2 Chaapter 2, The Blind Caesar
Book 2 Chapter 3, Mother and Son
Book 2 Chapter 4, Olaf Offers His Sword
Book 2 Chapter 5, Ave Postt Secula
Book 2 Chapter 6, Heliodore
Book 2 Chapter 7, Victory or Valhalla!
Book 2 Chapter 8, The Trial of Olaf
Book 2 Chapter 9, The Hall of the Pit
Book 2 Chapter 10, Olaf Gives Judgment
Book 3 Chapter 1, Tidings From Egypt
Book 3 Chapter 2, The Statues by the Nile
Book 3 Chapter 3, The Valley of the Dead Kings
Book 3 Chapter 4, The Caliph Harun
Book 3 Chapter 5, Irene's Prayer