Crimson Fairy Book

The Crimson Fairy Book contains thirty-six stories collected from around the world and edited by Andrew Lang. Many tales in this book are translated, or adapted, from those told by mothers and nurses in Hungary; others are familiar to Russian nurseries; the Servians are responsible for some; a rather peculiarly fanciful set of stories are adapted from the Roumanians; others are from the Baltic shores; others from sunny Sicily; a few are from Finland, and Iceland, and Japan, and Tunis, and Portugal. No doubt many children will like to look out these places on the map, and study their mountains, rivers, soil, products, and fiscal policies, in the geography books. The peoples who tell the stories differ in colour; language, religion, and almost everything else; but they all love a nursery tale. The stories have mainly been adapted or translated by Mrs. Lang, a few by Miss Lang and Miss Blackley. (Summary from the preface)

37 chapters
00 - Preface
01 - Lovely Ilonka
02 - Lucky Luck
03 - The Hairy Man
04 - To your Good Health!
05 - The Story of the Seven Simons
06 - The Language of Beasts
07 - The Boy who could keep a Secret
08 - The Prince and the Dragon
09 - Little Wildrose
10 - Tiidu the Piper
11 - Paperarello
12 - The Gifts of the Magician
13 - The Strong Prince
14 - The Treasure Seeker
15 - The Cottager and his Cat
16 - The Prince who would seek Immortality
17 - The Stone-cutter
18 - The Gold-bearded Man
19 - Tritill, Litill, and the Birds
20 - The Three Robes
21 - The Six Hungry Beasts
22 - How the Beggar Boy turned into Count Piro
23 - The Rogue and the Herdsman
24 - Eisenkopf
25 - The Death of Abu Nowas and of his Wife
26 - Motikatika
27 - Niels and the Giants
28 - Shepherd Paul
29 - How the wicked Tanuki was punished
30 - The Crab and the Monkey
31 - The Horse Gullfaxi and the Sword Gunnfoder
32 - The Story of the Sham Prince, or the Ambitious Tailor
33 - The Colony of Cats
34 - How to find out a True Friend
35 - Clever Maria
36 - The Magic Kettle