At 5 years old Leo Vincey is left in the care of a Cambridge professor by the name of Horace Holly. His father leaves him a strange casket which he is to open on his 25th Birthday. On opening the Casket Leo and Horace discover the strange history of Leo's ancestors. Leo and his adoptive father Horace must travel all the way to Africa in order to uncover the solve his family's strange history. - Written by Lizzie Driver

29 chapters
My Visitor
The Years Roll By
The Sherd of Amenartas
The Squall
The Head of the Ethiopian
An Early Christian Ceremony
Ustane Sings
The Feast and After!
A Little Foot
The Plain of Kôr
Ayesha Unveils
A Soul in Hell
Ayesha Gives Judgement
The Tombs of Kôr
The Balance Turns
"Go, Woman!"
"Give me a Black Goat!"
The Dead and Living Meet
Job has a Presentiment
The Temple of Truth
Walking the Plank
The Spirit of Life
What We Saw
We Leap
Over The Mountain