Ghost: A Modern Fantasy

The novel opens with Carl Foster, a recently qualified doctor, coming to London to try and make his fortune. He meets a famous tenor, Signor Alresca, who suffers a dreadful injury backstage and Foster tends to him. He thus meets the lead soprano, Rosetta Rosa, and falls hopelessly in love with her.Alresca takes Foster under his wing and they travel to Alresca's home in Bruges. It is clear to Foster that Alresca has some strange obsession. Foster also notices a stranger who seems to be dogging his footsteps.Things take an even more sinister turn when Alresca inexplicably dies. . .(Summary by Simon Evers)

19 chapters
Chapter 1 - My Splendid Cousin
Chapter 2 - At the Opera
Chapter 3 - The Cry of Alresca
Chapter 4 - Rosa's Summons
Chapter 5 - The Dagger and the Man
Chapter 6 - Alresca's Fate
Chapter 7 - The Vigil by the Bier
Chapter 8 - The Message
Chapter 9 - The Train
Chapter 10 - The Steamer
Chapter 11 - A Chat with Rosa
Chapter 12 - Egg-and-milk
Chapter 13 - The Portrait
Chapter 14 - The Villa
Chapter 15 - The Sheath of the Dagger
Chapter 16 - The Thing in the Chair
Chapter 17 - The Menace
Chapter 18 - The Struggle
Chapter 19 - The Intercession