Fair Margaret

This story is set during the reign of King Henry VII. Peter Brome is a poor man and without a father, and is in love with Margaret the dark-eyed daughter of John Castell, the kindly and wealthy merchant who has taken care of him and raised him. Through a series of unfortunate events Peter has just killed a soldier, through self defense it is true, however, the blood of the Spanish ambassador's men demands to be repaid. Now another man pursues fair Margaret the all powerful Marquis d'Aguilar of Spain, who is traveling in England upon a secret mission for the Inquisition. Much more than love hangs in the balance. (Summary by fiddlesticks)

26 chapters
How Peter Met the Spaniard
John Castell
Peter Gathers Violets
Lovers Dear
Castell's Secret
News From Spain
D'aguilar Speaks
The Snare
The Chase
The Meeting on the Sea
Father Henriques
The Adventure of the Inn
Inez and Her Garden
Peter Plays A Part
Betty Shows Her Teeth
The Plot
The Holy Hermandad
Betty Pays Her Debts
Isabella of Spain
Betty States her Case
The Doom of John Castell
Father Henriques and the baker's Oven
The Falcon Stoops
How the Margaret Ran out at Sea