Betty Wales, Freshman

First published in 1904, Betty Wales Freshman is the first book in an 8 volume series that follows Betty and her classmates throughout college and beyond. It takes place at Harding in New England (NOT to be confused with the Arkansas university) based on the author's time at Smith College in Massachusetts. Some humour and frivolity ensue as well as interpersonal drama among Betty and her many peers. And of course, the usual fascination with basketball that tends to run the gamut in the bountiful supply of books about most boarding school girls. (The popularity of this series inspired product placement by a dressmakers company.) (Summary by Daryl Wor)

20 chapters
01 - First Impressions
02 - Beginnings
03 - Dancing Lessons And A Class Meeting
04 - Whose Photograph?
05 - Up Hill And Down
06 - Letters Home
07 - A Dramatic Chapter
08 - After The Play
09 - Paying The Piper
10 - A Rumor
11 - Mid-Years And A Dust-Pan
12 - A Triumph For Democracy
13 - Saint Valentine's Assistants
14 - A Beginning And A Sequel
15 - At The Great Game
16 - A Chance To Help
17 - An Ounce Of Prevention
18 - Into Paradise-And Out
19 - A Last Chance
20 - Loose Threads