Colonel Quaritch, V.C.: A Tale of Country Life

This is not your typical H. Rider Haggard adventure book yet it is full of mystery and intrigue including a coerced marriage, bigotry, adultery, murder and a buried treasure! This is the tale of an ancient family’s struggles to survive, one woman’s selflessness and another’s evil schemes; Two Gentlemen, two scoundrels and one very underestimated, loyal servant. Listen as the tale unfolds and guess where the treasure is hidden that can save them all! Summary by Esther.

44 chapters
Harold Quaritch Meditates
The Colonel Meets the Squire
The Tale of Sir James De La Molle
The End of the Tale
The Squire Explains the Position
Lawyer Quest
Edward Cossey, Esquire
Mr Quest's Wife
The Shadow of Ruin
The tennis Party
Ida's Bargain
George Prophesies
About Art
The Tiger Shows Her Claws
The Happy Days
The House With the Red Pillars
The Tigress in Her Den
"What Some Have Found So Sweet"
In Pawn
"Good-Bye to You Edward"
The Colonell Goes Out Shooting
The End of the Match
The Blow Falls
"Good-Bye, My Dear, Good-Bye"
The Squire Gives His Consent
Belle Pays a Visit
Mr Quest has His Innings
How George Treated Johnnie
Edward Cossey Meets With an Accident
Harold Takes the News
Ida Recants
George Prophesies Again
The Squire Speaks His Mind
Georges Diplomatic Errand
The Sword of Damocles
How the Game Ended
Sister Agnes
Colonel Quaritch Expresses His Views
The Colonel Goes to Sleep
But Not to Bed
How the Night Went
Ida Goes to Meet Her Fate
George is Seen To Laugh
Christmas Chimes