Mary Louise (Version 2 Dramatic Reading)

Mary Louise is a girl who lives with her mother and grandfather. Ever since she was small, every little while they have had to pack up and move. Why? What is the secret about her grandfather? Summary by Esther ben Simonides. Dramatis Personæ:Narrator: MaryAnnJennie Allen, Hannah Conant: RachelMable Westervelt: graciebelle010Dorothy Knerr, Beatrice Burrows, Telephone Girl: April WaltersSue Finley, Sarah Judd, Josie O'Gorman: Esther ben SimonidesMary Louise: Adele de PignerollesColonel Weatherby, James J. Hathaway: tovarischUncle Eben: OxenhandlerSecret Service Agent: Ryan CooleyLina Darrow, Agatha Lord: LydiaMiss Stearne: Beth ThomasMr. Watson: Matthew TraversJohn O'Gorman: BillPeter Conant: Larry WilsonIrene MacFarlane: Kristin GjerlowBill Coombs: Andrew TraversBub Grigger: Rupert HollidayNan Shelley: Vanessa CooleyAudio Edited by: Esther ben Simonides

27 chapters
Dramatis Personae
Just an Argument
Gran'pa Jim
A Surprise
Shifting Sands
Official Investigation
Under a Cloud
The Escape
A Friendly Foe
Officer O'Gorman
Rather Queer Indeed
Mary Louise Meets Irene
A Cheerful Comrade
Bub Succumbs to Force
A Call From Agatha Lord
Bub's Hobby
The Stolen Book
The Hired Girl
Mary Louise Grows Suspicious
An Artful Confession
Diamond Cut Diamond
Bad News
The Folks at Bigbee's
A Kiss from Josie
Facing the Truth
Simple Justice
The Letter