Young Girl's Diary

The diary of an upper middle class Austrian girl, this book describes her life between the ages of eleven and fourteen. It's a coming of age story full of angst, boys, and questions. (Summary by KHand)

33 chapters
July, The First Year
August, The First Year
September, The First Year
October, The First Year
November, The First Year
December, The First Year
January - March, The First Year
April - July, The First Year
August - October, The Second Year
November - December, The Second Year
January - March, The Second Year
April, The Second Year
May, The Second Year
June, The Second Year
July, The Second Year
August, The Third Year
September, The Third Year
October, The Third Year
November - December, The Third Year
January, The Third Year
February, The Third Year
March - May, The Third Year
June, The Third Year
July 1-29, The Third Year
July 30-31, The Last Half Year
August 1-13, The Last Half Year
August 14-31, The Last Half Year
September, The Last Half Year
October - November, The Last Half Year
December 1-22, The Last Half Year
December 23-31, The Last Half Year
January, The Last Half Year