American Notes for General Circulation

American Notes for General Circulation is a travelogue by Charles Dickens detailing his trip to North America from January to June, 1842. While there he acted as a critical observer of these societies almost as if returning a status report on their progress. This can be compared to the style of his Pictures from Italy written four years later, where he wrote far more like a tourist. His American journey was also an inspiration for his novel Martin Chuzzlewit. (Summary by Wikipedia)

22 chapters
00 - Preface
01 - Chapter 1: Going Away
02 - Chapter 2: The Passage Out
03 - Chapter 3: Boston Part 1
04 - Chapter 3: Boston Part 2
05 - Chapter 3: Boston Part 3
06 - Chapter 4: An American Railroad. Lowell and its Factory System
07 - Chapter 5: Worcester. The Connecticut River. Hartford. New Haven. To New York
08 - Chapter 6: New York
09 - Chapter 7: Philadelphia, and its Solitary Prison
10 - Chapter 8: Washington. The Legislature. And the President's House
11 - Chapter 9: A Night Steamer on the Potomac River. Virginia Road, and a Black Driver. Richmond. Baltimore. The Harrisburg Mail, and a Glimpse of the City. A Canal Boat.
12 - Chapter 10: Some Further Account of the Canal Boat, its Domestic Economy, and its Passengers. Journey to Pittsburg Across the Alleghany Mountains. Pittsburg.
13 - Chapter 11: From Pittsburg to Cincinnati in a Western Steamboat. Cincinnati.
14 - Chapter 12: From Cincinnati to Louisville in another Western Steamboat; and from Louisville to St. Louis in another. St. Louis.
15 - Chapter 13: A Jaunt to the Looking-Glass Prairie and Back
16 - Chapter 14: Return to Cincinnati. A Stage-Coach Ride from that City to Columbus, and thence to Sandusky. So, by Lake Erie, to the Falls of Niagara
17 - Chapter 15: In Canadal; Toronto; Kingston; Monstreal; Quebec; St. John's. In the United States again. Lebanon; the Shaker Village; West Point
18 - Chapter 16: The Passage Home
19 - Chapter 17: Slavery
20 - Chapter 18: Concluding Remarks
21 - Postscript