She and Allan

H Rider Haggard’s “She and Allan”, first published in 1921 is a gripping adventure about Allan Quatermain, who together with Hans, the Hottentot and, the Zulu-Chief Omslopogaas and at the bidding of the old Witch Doctor Zikali seeks out Ayesha, the daughter of Isis to find answers to their questions about life and death, and their many, sometimes strange, Adventures on their way. Written by Lars Rolander

26 chapters
Note by the Late Mr Allan Quartermain
The Talisman
The Messengers
Umslopogass of the Axe
The Lion and the Axe
The Sea-Cow Hunt
The Oath
The Swamp
The Attack
Through the Mountain Wall
The White Witch
Allan Hears a Strange Tale
Allan Misses Opportunity
Robertson is Lost
Allan's Vision
The Midnight Battle
The Slaying of Rezu
The Spell
The Gate of Death
The Lesson
Ayesha's Farewell
What Umslopogaas Saw
Umslopogaas Wears the Great Medicine
Allan Delivers the Message