Bars and Shadows: The Prison Poems of Ralph Chaplin

Ralph Chaplin and many other prominent members of the Industrial Workers of the World were imprisoned under the Espionage Act of 1917 as the United States entered World War I. As with Socialist presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs, these activists were accused of undermining recruiting efforts and the draft - even of encouraging soldiers to desert. Though they never gained the universal popularity of his anthem "Solidarity Forever," the poems and songs in this volume - composed during his four years in prison - represent the defiant attitude of a true rebel in the face of persecution. - Summary by Ben Adams

31 chapters
Mourn Not the Dead
Night in the Cell House
Prison Shadows
Prison Reveille
Prison Nocturne
The Warrior Wind
To Freedom
The Vision Maker
Seven Little Sparrows
The West is Dead
Up From Your Knees
The Eunuch
I.W.W. Prison Song
To France
Wesley Everest
The Industrial Heretics
Blood and Wine
The Red Guard
The Red Feast
The Girls Who Sang for Us
To Edith
Song of Separation
To My Little Son