Grand'ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving, with Other Ballads and Poems

Horatio Alger, better known for his juvenile fiction, also penned some great poetry. His Ballads, including the 8 war poems and his odes, are collected in this volume. - Summary by Carolin

29 chapters
Grand'ther Baldwin's Thanksgiving
St. Nicholas
Barbara's Courtship
The Confession
Rose in the Garden
Phoebe's Wooing
The Lost Heart
John Maynard
Friar Anselmo
The Church at Stratford-on-Avon
Mrs. Browning's Grave at Florence
My Castle
Summer Hours
Little Charlie
Carving a Name
The Whippoorwill and I
Gone to the War
Where is My Boy To-Night?
A Soldier's Valentine
Last Words
Song of the Croaker
King Cotton
Out of Egypt
The Price of Victory
Harvard Odes
Bi-Centennial Ode
For the Consecration of a Cemetery