No Animal Food and Nutrition and Diet with Vegetable Recipes

Though little is known about its author, this is considered the first vegan cookbook ever written. At the time of its composition, the Vegetarian Society and other advocates of vegetarian diets were engaged in a debate about the inclusion of dairy and eggs in one's regime. This text declares, from the title to the footnotes, that the best diet is free from all animal products. The arguments span historical, physical, ethical, aesthetic, and economic considerations and conclude with practical advice that stands the test of time. An essential text for those interested in vegetarianism and animal rights. - Summary by Ben Adams

18 chapters
No Animal Food Ch. I - Urgency of the Subject
No Animal Food Ch. II - Physical Considerations
No Animal Food Ch. III - Ethical Considerations
No Animal Food Ch. IV - The Aesthetic Point of View
No Animal Food Ch. V - Economical Considerations
No Animal Food Ch. VI - The Exclusion of Dairy Produce
No Animal Food Ch. VII - Conclusion
Nutrition and Diet Ch. I - The Science of Nutrition
Nutrition and Diet Ch. II - What to Eat
Nutrition and Diet Ch. III - When to Eat
Nutrition and Diet Ch. IV - How to Eat
Food Table
Recipes - Intro & Soups
Recipes - Savory Dishes & Gravies and Sauces
Recipes - Puddings, Etc.
Recipes - Cakes & Biscuits
Recipes - Breads, Porridges & Fruit Cakes