Ontario Readers: Third Book

The Ontario Readers is a school book first published in 1919, by the Ontario Ministry of Education, containing short excerpts of literary works, both stories and poems, geared to grade-school age children. (Summary by aradlaw)

111 chapters
Fortune and the Beggar
The Lark and the Rook
The Pickwick Club on Ice
Tubal Cain
Professor Frog's Lecture
A Song for April
How the Crickets Brought Good Fortune
The Battle of Blenheim
The Ride for Life
Iagoo, the Boaster
The Story of a Fire
The Quest
The Jackal and the Partridge
Hide and Seek
The Burning of the "Goliath"
Hearts of Oak
A Wet Sheet and a Flowing Sea
The Talents
A Farewell
An Apple Orchard in the Spring
The Bluejay
A Canadian Camping Song
The Argonauts
The Minstrel-Boy
Mary Elizabeth
The Frost
South-West Wind, Esq.
The Meeting of the Waters
The Robin's Song
Work or Play
Burial of Sir John Moore
The Whistle
A Canadian Boat Song
The Little Hero of Haarlem
Father William
David and Goliath
Charge of the Light Brigade
Maggie Tulliver
The Corn Song
Sports in Norman England
A Song of Canada
A Mad Tea Party
The Slave's Dream
The Chase
The Inchcape Rock
A Rough Ride
The Arab and His Steed
The Poet's Song
Adventure with a Whale
The Maple
Damon and Pythias
The Wreck of the Orpheus
The Tide River
Wisdom the Supreme Prize
The Orchard
Inspired by the Snow
The Squirrel
Soldier, Rest
The Fountain
Break, Break, Break
The Bed of Procrustes
"Bob White"
Radisson and the Indians
The Brook
"Do Seek Their Meat From God"
A Song of the Sea
Little Daffydownilly
The Sandpiper
From "The Sermon on the Mount"
The Legend of Saint Christopher
William Tell and His Son (from Chambers' 'Tracts')
A Midsummer Song
The Relief of Lucknow
The Song in Camp
King Richard and Salidin
England's Dead
The Dream of the Oak Tree (translator unknown)
A Prayer
The Death of the Flowers
'Tis the Last Rose of Summer
A Roman's Honour
The Fighting Téméraire
Don Quixote's Fight with the Windmills (translator unknown)
The Romance of the Swan's Nest
Moonlight Sonata
The Red-Winged Blackbird
To the Cuckoo
The Story of a Stone
The Snow-Storm
The Heroine of Vercheres
Jacques Cartier
Ants and Their Slaves
Lead, Kindly Light
The Jolly Sandboys
The Gladness of Nature
Old English Life
Puck's Song
The Battle of Queenston Heights
The Bugle Song
A Christmas Carol
The Barren Lands
A Spring Morning
Crossing the Bar