Francisco Pizarro and the Conquest of Peru

Francisco Pizarro (1471 - 1541) was born into poverty, the illegitimate son of a Spanish soldier. After a brief career as a swineherd, he volunteered to join an expedition to the colony of Darien in Panama. He rose through the ranks to become right hand man of the governor. After hearing rumours of a rich country of gold to the south, he received permission from the king of Spain to lead an expedition to explore and attempt to conquer the Peruvian empire. This biography describes how, with an army of only 168 men, he was able to subjugate an entire nation. - Summary by Patrick Eaton

19 chapters
In the Land of Poisoned Arrows
With Balboa in Darien
Sailing the Unknown Sea
The Desperate Adventurer
Success in Sight at Last
An Appeal to the Crown
On the Peruvian Frontier
A Glance at the Peruvians
A March to the Mountains
In the Inca's Stronghold
How Atahuallpa was Captured
The Prisoner and his Ransom
The Inca and his Murderers
In the Heart of Peru
In the City of the Sun
Quarrels of the Conquerors
The Inca Raises his Standard
The Downfall of Almagro
How Pizarro was Assassinated